8.4 Crore Indian Children Don’t Attend School At All Even After 69 Years Of Independence


In a recent survey, two upsetting factors have been revealed. This is a result of the survey conducted by census 2011

  1. 78 lakh children although go to school but they also work side by side to earn a living and support their family.
  2. While 8.4 crore children don’t even go to school.

This stat is very disturbing, as not only these children are deprived of their rights to gain education but they are also victims of domestic violence, they are forced into child labour and are harassed by people where they work.

Because of the patriarchal attitudes and lack of jobs in our country women accounts for only 27% of the workforce. Don’t be shocked to know the fact that students who work among them 57 percent are boys and the rest remaining 43 percent are girls. Boys and girls nearly make up to the same proportion of the out of school segment.

68 percent of the children are forced into insignificant work as reported by the Times Of India, these children not only work in agricultural fields but they also work as unskilled helpers in diverse enterprises. 32 percent of the population do not attend school and accounts for main work. Other shocking fact is that 20 percent of the age group are covered under the Right to Education Act.

A Report by UNESCO stated a month back that India could be half a century late in achieving its global education commitments. To meet the 2030 sustainable development goal it said that it is compulsory to change the way the education system works, but seeing the current scenario and viewing the statistics it seems to be unbelievable.

In poor urban areas the quality of available schooling options is another issue to consider. Because of lack of sociological, anthropological and geographical research on children a responsive government can indeed make a difference to it but have been largely ineffective.

Mr C. Chandramouli is the Commissioner & Registrar General of the Indian 2011 Census and The Census 2011 is the 15th National census survey conducted by the Census Organization of India. It was in 2 phases that the 2011 Indian National Census was conducted. All the 28 states of the country and 7 Union territories including 640 districts, 497 cities, 5767 tehsils & over 6 lakh villages was covered in the national census survey.