About US

Charity World is a not for profit social enterprise set up by a team of multinational professionals from various backgrounds, ( Education, Social work & Business ) all of whom have a common goal to support charities on an international level to bring together information, promotion and services on one common platform.

Charity World’s main founder – Amarjit Dhull is an experienced entrepreneur and philanthropist with decades of experience in the UK Social Care and Education sector and the Indian Social Work & Education system. Amar is founder of several companies, social enterprises and a charity.

There are almost an infinite number of NGO / charities, Groups, Forums and projects existing in the world today doing great things but with almost no recognition and exposure. Charity World is the platform where they have the opportunity to talk, blog, share and be heard and you now have the opportunity to find them.

Whether it be linking charities to volunteers, charities to donors, or charities to services they need to achieve their goals, Charity World brings the world’s charity sector closer together. Charity World provides a common platform for large and small NGO’s / Charities to share information and resources, thus benefiting the end user.

Charity World also seeks to raise relevant social issues, to question the norm and challenge the unacceptable. Starting initially in India we want to find those that are doing great things, and encourage those that are not doing so yet to step up and make their mark on society. With information on how to Support a NGO, start your own NGO, whether you are new NGO / Charity or an existing NGO / Charity. Charity World is the best place for information and networking.

In support of making the world a better place, Charity World also aggregate and promotes stories in the media that showcase the good work people and charities are doing across the globe. The world is a wonderful place with wonderful people doing wonderful things. Together we will make it even better and ensure everyone knows about it.