After His Family Refused 8 Muslim Youths Carried The last Riots Of A Hindu Man


A group of Muslim youths have set an example of humanity by keeping all religious barriers aside these group of Muslim youths carried out the last rites of a 65 year old Hindu neighbour in Mumbra of Thane in Maharashtra. Waman Kadam who died in Almas Colony was working as a watchman there.
To help the widow of Kadam no one was ready to come and extend help to the ailing wife, neither his two son’s nor were his relatives ready to come at night to help her when her husband was in pain. Seeing the situation Kadam’s wife called out for help from her neighbours.
The eight youths Farooque Khan, Shaban Khan, Rahil Dabir, Fahad Dabir, Mohammad Kasam Shaikh, Nawaz Dabir, Maqsood Khan, and Khalil Pawne started looking for a pandit immedietly, so that the last riots of Kadam could be performed they were also looking for a doctor so that a death certificate could be issued.
Kadam’s wife said “ my husband would never have thought that his last journey would be with so much honour.” During the funeral parade there were 40 Muslim who were a part of it. Kadam’s wife said we knew them since they were little kids and now it feels so good to see them turning into responsible adults.
The youths had taken Kadam to the hospital when he was feeling uneasy and got him treated for his liver. After these youths brough Kadam back home they heard his Wife Vitava screaming at night. On hearing her scream they all ran to her house and found Kadam lying on the floor dead. When these youths called up his relatives and his sons, they all said that they will be coming only in the morning and cannot come now.
As it was getting late so all these youths decided to get his last rituals done, so they looked for a Pandit and arranged all the things required to carry out the rituals.

They then carried the body to a nearby crematorium. But the moment one of the youth was about to lit the pyre Kadam’s son turned up, he just lit up the fire and without speaking to anyone he walked off.
The youths then collected the ashes to immerse into the river. While the neighbourhood has decided to take care of the widow.
These youths have proved that humanity still exists.