Almost 100 Kg Of Garbage Found In The Stomach Of A Cow


This happened in Ahmadabad, almost 100g of waste including plastic bags, nails, socks and other such waste products were found in the stomach of a cow. When this cow was brought to the doctors of Jivdaya Charitable Trust they were shocked to see these products coming out of the cow’s stomach.

One of the doctors Kartik Shashtri from the trust informed that this cow was rescued from Sabarmati area. When this cow was brought for treatment the doctors came to know that the cow was pregnant. She was not in a good health she was very weak. Despite of going through a couple of treatment she was very weak and was not in a condition to walk. Seeing this the doctors decided to operate her to see what was actually wrong with her

On the operation table the doctors were extremely shocked to see the garbage insider her stomach. The doctors saw screws, wires, worn-out tools, pieces of clothes and plastics. The doctors removed around three bucket of garbage from her stomach. Kartik Shashtri said this was not the first time they found an animal with so much of garbage inside the stomach. He said earlier also they had removed 40kg of plastic bags from the stomach of a cow.

He said that all around the city the garbage is scattered, and the cows feed on them, rather than feeding on grass. This cow had 98kg of plastic waste in her stomach. This is the reason why he is pleading everyone to follow the rule passed by the ministry of forest and environment which states that plastic bags that are less that 4 microns shall be banned everywhere. This rule must be implemented everywhere and should be followed by everyone strictly so as to save our environment from getting damaged.