AMU has found a way for waste to be turned to construction material


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Researchers at Aligarh Muslim University have formulated a process to convert hazardous environmental wastes like recycled polythene terephthalate (PET)  and fly ash  produced by thermal power plants into construction material.

Associate Professor Fareed Mahdi, who is heading the project, said that “PET is being widely used for making bottles for mineral water and carbonated drinks and presently poses a real threat to the environment.

The researchers of the department of Civil Engineering, Zakir Husain College, headed by Professor Mahdi,have formulated a process for the industrial production to convert these hazardous environmental wastes.
Mr.Hussain has applied for a patent with the Controller of Patents and Designs, for the conversion process of both the waste products.

 Mr.Hussain shared that the use of fly ash in polymer concrete would also lead to a major reduction in the use of coarse sand which is presently leading to a major environmental crisis stemming from massive mining of sands from different river beds.

Mahdi said his findings have earlier been published in the prestigious journal ‘Construction of Building Materials’ published by Elsveier Press.

Another positive outcome of using fly ash as a building material would be that the agricultural lands, presently being used as dumping sites for such wastes, could again be used for agricultural purposes, he added.

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