Brothers Who Lost Their Parents In Accident Get Rs 2.2 Crore Compensation After 12 Years

lost their parents

After 12 long years, brothers who lost their parents in accident finally got compensation.

It was in a road accident that these two brothers lost their parents, their grandmother and their elder brother . Their car had a collision with a tanker, and after 12 years of painstaking fight they have finally received a compensation of Rs 2.22 crore by Motor Accident Claim Tribunal. MACT presiding officer  Mr Kumar Mendiratta asked the Oriental Insurance Company to pay Rs 2,21,63,491 to Sandeep and Sumit Tomar who are the residents of Janakpuri, West Delhi.  He directed the tanker with which their parents were killed is liable to pay  a compensation to these two brothers. As it has been proved that the accident was caused due to the negligent driving of the driver. Therefore the driver is to be held responsible for the accident and the loss of the kids.

On 30th December 2004 when their brother Sandeep was travelling with his father, mother sister and grandmother and were going towards Shamli from Muzaffarnagar, along with their driver met with an accident. At Panipat Khatima Road at around 9 AM their car has hit by a tanker. The accident was serious and it killed five out of six people travelling in the car. It was only Sandeep who had survived the accident though he has critically injured. While his mother, sister and grandmother died on the spot his father passed away at the hospital.

At the age of 18, the sons had to continue their father’s business, although handling such responsibility was not easy as it required expertise and experience. One of the brother had to even quit his education abroad and had to come and settle back in India due to the accident.

Although 12 years is not less, but at last they got justice and now the two brothers will have a safe and secure future, but yes money can’t repay their loss it cannot bring back their family members. But we are happy that they have received justice.