Against Child Labour

Rally against child labour

A rally against child labour was taken by students to create awareness and encourage people to raise their voice against this devilish practice.
Child Abuse

Workshop against child sex abuse

Two day workshop was organised on "Child Sex Abuse". Each workshop had different issues where people where educated on how can they save the child from it.
Odisha Real Estate

Employees Initiative Against Child Labour

More than 50 real estate representatives from Odisha deliberated on the issue of eliminating child labour from the city and helping them give the children a bright and secured future.
Calangute against child labour

Calangute’s move against child labour

Locals from Calangute with help of NGO and support of police have taken a pledge to stop the act of child labour and secure the future of children.
Scholarship for orphan

Scholarship programme for orphans

The government is working on a scholarship programme for destitute children and orphans who do well in school and wish to study further.
Against Child Labour

Awareness Against Child Labour

NGO Pratham with the help of Mumbai police launched a campaign in order to eradicate child labour from the roads of Mumbai and give them a safe future.

Making Nashik Free Of Beggars

A NGO based in Nashik has come up with an initiative in order to free Nashik of beggars and provide the children with good education and a better living.
Garden School

Garden School

This unique school called the garden school is in Mumbai and was started by a young girl who left her job to help the underprivileged ones.

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