Toilet Man

The Toilet Man Of India Who Constructed Over 2,00,000 Toilets

To build a toilet is easy but to convince people to build toilets is the real task. As you know software is more important...
deep water

A Father Carried His Child To Hospital Through Deep Waters !!!

A man who is from Kudumsare village in Chintapalli Mandal,  Andra Pradesh, had no other option than to carry his six month old daughter...

Ganesha that grows into a tree- An initiative to save the environment

To save the environment and encourage people to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco friendly way he makes Ganesha idols which gives birth to trees.

Almost 100 Kg Of Garbage Found In The Stomach Of A Cow

This happened in Ahmadabad, almost 100g of waste including plastic bags, nails, socks and other such waste products were found in the stomach of...

Kerala to be declared open defecation-free state

Kerala will be declared as open defecation-free state on its formation day on November 1.A decision to this effect was taken at the state Cabinet meeting.

Do you know thermocol can be recycled?

Thermocol, seems to be everywhere today it is used for food packaging etc but we don't realise how adversely it is affecting our environment.
Noise pollution

Since 2015 Around 110 booked for noise pollution

Police have warned the residents of Kholapur saying that strict actions will be taken against those using high-decibel music systems and violating the norms

How Nuclear Plant Have Ruined The Lives Of People Living Nearby

Image Source: Nuclear pollution in Subarnarekha Farmers who are staying on the banks of Subarnarekha river have been complaining for decades now that the river is...
Jail in Sangareddy

Jail In Sangareddy Goes Green

A Jail in Sangareddy have decided to plant as many trees as possible and contribute towards the environment and also give employment to their prisoners.

Tribals fear for their existence

With luxurious hotels and resorts coming up in the forest areas the tribal fear of their existence,they are afraid their land might be taken away from them.