Pollution Control

NDA Slow On Other Schemes But Well On Pollution Control

The NDA government has taken steps towards pollution control and the way we manage our environment,but it has failed to look over few major environmental issues.
Electric Car

Bangalore Becomes Less Polluted By Using Electric Cab Service

Lithium saves nearly 11 tonnes of carbon emissions every day. Lithium is another very good initiative taken towards making Bangalore city pollution free.
Noise Pollution

Initiative Against Noise Pollution

Image Source:publishyourarticles.net Noise pollution is a disturbance to the human environment that is escalating at such a high rate that it will become a major...
Go Green Schools

Church Of South India Plans 1000 Green Schools

A thousand church schools are set to become ‘green schools’ over the next year as part of an ambitious environmental plan by the Church of South India.
Home Punch Goes Green

On World Environment Day Home Punch Goes Green

Home Punch a leading kitchen and home appliance mega store decided to take an initiative to 'go green' to save our mother nature from getting damaged.
Solar Energy

Go Green With Solar Energy

West Bengal's premier technology institute IIT Kharagpur decided to go green.The institute aims at reducing the electricity bill by the use of solar energy
Ola Share

Ola Share- An Initiative To Save Environment

Taxi service provider OLA have come up with an initiative to contribute towards saving the environment by their new plan called Ola Share.

Samsung’s Contribution Towards Enviroment

Samsung India has taken up an initiative to contribute towards saving the environment by adopting the rule of recycle, reuse and reinvent.
Water Conservation

Women Contribute Towards Water Conservation

Women from areas near Gurgaon,have come together to contribute towards water conservation,few NGOs have been helping them in doing so.
Plant Trees

Kochi Response Group plans to plant one lakh trees

This monsoon Kochi will get its best gift of nature by planting as many as one lakh trees in the city, this is a small step taken to save the environment.