You don’t have to be rich to donate what is most valuable to you

By Rajiv Tewari, based on an interaction with Dr. Dipak Dhar Choudhury, Founder, Indian Medical Association (IMA) Blood Bank, Dehradun. You don’t have to be...

I Quit My Job And Bought An Auto-Rickshaw !!!

The concept of a 9-5 job got too mechanical for me, I used to work at Hindustan Unilever. Although there was nothing wrong with...
Santhi Soundarajan

Santhi Soundarajan All Set To Be An Athletic Coach

For athlete Santhi Soundarajan, there is finally some good news after struggling for almost a decade, Santhi is all set to get a permanent job as a coach.

This girl from Gujarat obtains flying license at age of 16

By getting a license to fly at the age of 16, Varijia Shah from Baroda has achieved a new height in life. She always wanted to be a pilot.

I Was Asked To Terminate The Baby !!!

When I was 23 years old I got married and conceived my baby. I was asked to terminate the baby as I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Journey Of A Ragpicker Who Became A Nurse With Her Hardwork

Now, a nurse in public Health Centre Bhanu Sheikh Safi, this woman started her life as a ragpicker.  When she was three years old...

How a 24-Year-Old Used Social Media to Help People Get Access to Blood on...

Do you know in India more than 60% of the population can donate blood right, but not many do so, Raghav uses social media to encourage them to donate blood.
Old Age

This Woman Who Is 100 Has Applied For Permit To Run An Old Age...

At 100, this woman from Assam has just applied for permit to run an old age home. For the last 70 years Aruna Mukherjee been surviving on just tea & biscuit
Good Behaviour

For Good Behaviour A Rapist In The US Released After 3 Months Of Imprisonment

A former swimmer from Stanford University, Brok Turner was convicted of sexual assault, in his home state was released on Friday from the prison.

Her Family Made Her A Hero

With an empowering video, Vim highlights the importance of time liberation and freedom at home with the extraordinary story of Afroz Jahan proving that...