Chai-wala in Morning, Teacher during the evening


Every super hero lives two lives, one of a normal person and one of someone who brings a change in society. Our own superhero, Mr. Rao sells tea everyday, but every evening he takes up the role of an educator, with only one thing in mind, never ever let anyone uneducated.

As a child, Rao used to love studying, but his father believed that education would get him nowhere- that the safe choice would be to continue working at the chai stall. Since 1976, this is exactly what Rao has been doing, brewing tea.

But he didn’t let the dream of learning go in vain. He thought if he cannot study well due to personal challenges, he will ensure every child around gets good education. With this idea, he started a school of his own by the money he earns by selling tea. He is currently educating more than 70 underprivileged children. The school is from nursery to class 3rd. After this he enrolls them in Government school.

He is their caretaker, their teacher and best friend in the school. After he noticed that some students were not able to do good as they were under-nourished, he started providing them a glass of milk with biscuits everyday.

Rao spends almost 50% of income on the slum school, and he has no regrets at all. A father of two, has a lighted face when he talks about his children and the school. He believes education is the only thing that can get these children out of poverty, and hence has made this as his personal mission. He wishes, there are more schools like his operating locally, so that no one shares his fate.

Leaving you with Mr. Rao’s mission, and his daily life snippet. ( Courtesy: GoodIndia )

We hope people do come forward to help Prakash Rao in his mission.You can drop us a mail if you want to contribute in this amazing mission of Mr. Rao.