Child labourers rescued in Nagpur

Child labourers

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The task force of the labour department has rescued ten child laborers from two textile markets located on the city’s Ring Road, Surat on Wednesday

These children were rescued from a textile shop, these kids were employed for packing and organising saris in the boxes. All the rescued kids are below the age of 14 and come are from Rajasthan.

Ashish Gandhi, assistant task labour commissioner who was accompanied by some of his staffs was on a routine survey operation in the textile market. The task force team found  child labourers working in the shop at T.T Market and Shiv Shakti Textile Market on Ring Road.These kids were made to sit on the floor, and organise and pack the saris in the boxes.

The contractors and traders had shifted their illegal activity of employing child labourers to residential societies in the surrounding areas, due to the frequent raids in the textile markets. These contractors take residential houses on rent for running the packaging unit employing the child labourers.  However the child laboures were caught during a routine operation conducted by the department.

These kids when should be going to school and studying are working, this not only spoils their future but also it affects their health. As they are not given enough to eat and many a times they are not even given any breaks in between their work to eat, which means they are forced to work continuously. This affects the health of the child adversely.

The children are the future of the nation and they should be gaining education and not working. Child labour is one of the major problem of our nation. And many NGOs in various cities have been creating awareness about this practice and pleading people not to employ any child for getting their work done.