Class 11 Student Sets Up Water ATM

Water ATM

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An initiative has been taken up by a student of class 11 of Dirubhai Ambani International School Deeya Shroff, to set up water ATMs across the country in rural areas to provide clean drinking water to people. “Jal Jeevan” is what she calls the project. The first ATM has been set up in Sholapur, Maharashtra. About 300 families in the region are already using this service.

Deeya was sad on seeing how far people had to walk everyday to fill drinking water. After researching on the issue of water scarcity, she decided to do something to help and reached out to Eureka Forbes to discuss her idea.

With the help of the company she came up with a project plan to set up water ATMs in rural areas across India.

There were technical errors and process delays, but she kept following up till their idea got an approval. She raised a sum of 15 lakh Rs by contacting individuals, government officials and the municipal commission. On the eve of republic Day this year the first ATM was inaugurated by Municipal Commissioner.

“The water ATM is a system where the local source of water i.e. bore well etc. is connected to a water purification plant that is set up in a village. The purification plant works on the basis of Reverse Osmosis and purifies water. This purified water is then stored in a tank near the ATM, ready to dispense in 20 litre Jerry cans. Each family is given a water ATM card for daily usage. When the card is swiped at the ATM, the purified water is dispensed,” says Deeya’s blog talking about the Jal Jeevan initiative.

Deeya was recently honoured with the 6th annual Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards for her “extraordinary” contribution to community service.

She is one of the two national winners who received a gold medal, a certificate of appreciation, and a cash prize of Rs. 50,000.

The Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards is an annual nationwide search to identify and recognize school students who have made a positive difference in their communities through volunteer community service.