Cow shed makes 3.5 Crore by providing care & treatement to abandoned Cattle


After Bihar elections that were dominated by beef and the religious sentiments, no one really talked about the living and abandoned cattle.

As per the survey, Punjab-Haryana has more than 100 thousand unclaimed cattle. These are left on their own due to diseases or as they have surpassed lactating period. But one village in Haryana by the name Ladwa, is adopting them and treating them. Mind you, it’s not only about charity or good work, but they have ensured these unclaimed cattle become profitable as well.


After adopting these poor cows and other livestock, they are given proper treatment and food. None of them gives milk (which is prime source of revenue from cattle rearing in Punjab areas), but the company earned approximately 3.5 Crore. They sell cow dung and urine.



Head of farm, Mr. Anand Raj Singh comments, “When cow is attached to religion or politics, they will have the same fate. We need to understand that cow rearing is a good business, and there are multiple ways we can benefit from them. We make biogas from cow dung and sell it profitably. Cow urine is used in making organic pesticides which is much cheaper. We market these products well, which ensures better profits and care of these animals.

Currently Mr. Anand has more than 1100 unclaimed cows and they plan on increasing the number very soon. They also have special facilities for ailing cattle and plan on spending more on that in the coming years. The organic pesticides have been something which is getting a huge acceptance in the country.


They are able to generate roughly 1000 rupees per cattle per day, using their bio-products and spend considerable amount from that on their care.

The team believes in the good work they are doing, and the money they make keeps their houses warm which motivates them further to work better.

There is nothing better than charity with income. :)