Do you know thermocol can be recycled?


Almost everywhere today thermocols or say polysterene foam is being used, be it for packing foods or as a cushioning material or for transportation of goods and so on. But most of are unaware of the consequences of not recycling this form of substances.

Anakta Prabhu  a 12 year old resident of Bhopal has come up with a new and innovative way of curbing the thermocol waste by recycling it and in turn make toys and decorative items out of it. And do you know how has she managed to do it? She used a nail polish remover to do so.

A content called Acetone in nail polish remover is a flammable solvent which is translucent and is extremely useful as it dissolves almost all organic compounds This is what helped her to curb the pollution caused by such non-biodegradable materials. At an exhibition organized by Sagar Public School in Bhopal Anakta demonstrated the effect of acetone on thermocol.

She combined together  thermocol blocks and acetone and when she did so the two substances on coming together melted to form a white clay- like substance. This substance so formed is absolutely harmless and when mixed with water and it can be used to make toys, soap dishes, cups, decorative items and much more.


After her mother, who is a science teacher, asked her to recycle thermocol as a summer holiday project  Anakta was very excited to show this idea in front of everyone. Her hardwork inspired the school authorities to reduce the use of thermocol in school projects too.

With the help of nail polish remover the commonly used thermocol which is non-biodegradable can be re-used. Anakta told TOI.  Using nail polish on thermocols will help us tackle the environmental challenges produced by casual dumping of thermocol. If thermocol is melted in acetone, the harmful substances it releases can actually reduce by 20 times its size.

In 2014 also a similar initiative was taken by a few students in Pune who had made adhesive out of thermocol.

Once thermocol reaches our home, we simply dump it in our store room where there may be so many other things lying in dust or probably throw it along with the other trash. These sheets then make its way to the landfills where it remains for years and years as it is non-biodegradable. Carcinogenic fumes comes out when thermocol sheets are burned.

Recycling thermocol at home is quite easy, you can watch this video and learn how to recycle it.