Food Bank- The Chennai Way



How many indulge in feeding the homeless? How many of you know that now if you want, your desires can easily be facilitated? If you ask the members/volunteers of the Facebook group called “Food Bank Chennai’, it is very easy. Just donate little more of your time and cook a little extra, pack it, and upload the request on the FB page. Soon a knock at your door will announce the arrival of the delivery person to pick up the food and deliver it to the homeless people in your locality. Doing this yourself will earn you the additional pleasure of seeing the unbridled happiness in the eyes of the people you feed.


Initiated by Sneha Mohandoss, a 23-year old visual communication student. The group is a platform to connect people who want to help the homeless with home-cooked food, and above all donate their time.

“My idea is that everyone should get a hence to take up the initiative in their own areas.”

The first step to involve yourself in the food drive, is to post on the group with the details of your participation and mentioning the locality you belong to. If there is already an existing member of the drive in your area, the page connects you with other volunteers so you may continue in conjunction with one another.

Sneha, was inspired by a very similar drive in Tamil Nadu conducted by Aarati Madhusudan, called “Robin Hood Army” which takes excess food from hotels and restaurants and gives it to the homeless. The stark reality of seeing the conditions of the homeless people pushed Sneha into action. Like Aarati, Sneha began her initiative through Facebook, and found very many like-minded people and willing volunteers.

Aarti and Sneha have both understood the value of giving back the society, and how much value it holds to her personally. Initiatives like these are currently having a ripple effect all over the country. There are countless other such drives hosted by individuals, that realize that to see a change, you need to be the change.