For Good Behaviour A Rapist In The US Released After 3 Months Of Imprisonment

Good Behaviour

A former swimmer from Stanford University, Brok Turner was convicted of sexual assault, in his home state was released on Friday from the prison of California

This swimmer who is just twenty one years old rapped a young women behind the rubbish bin in January in the campus of Stanford near San Francisco while he was under the influence of drug. He was sentenced to a six month jail, and he served for three months for three different charges, one with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated person, penetration of an intoxicated person and penetration of an unconscious person.

For the rest of his life Brock, who is living with his parents in ohio must register as III sex offender. Turner would be “treated no differently than any other sex offender,” County Sheriff Gene Fischer told reporters on Friday. This means he cannot live close to places where children gather such as parks, schools or playgrounds neither can he work with children. Without informing the authorities he cannot move elsewhere, and that he would be subjected to random drug and alcohol tests.

Postcards will be provided to the neighbors to inform them that a sex offender is residing in their locality, and his name, address and photos will remain available publically on the state’s online sex offender registry for life.

Turner on seeing all his crimes could have been sentenced to 14 years of jail. The prosecutors had  demanded  for six years of jail but Aron Persky the Judge sentenced him with six months of jail and three years of probation. Many people criticized the judge for being too lenient. At the California state assembly a new bill has been passed for the people sexually assault unconscious or intoxicated victims. This bill was passed last week, the bill is waiting the Governor’s signature.