What happens during a sunstroke and how to avoid it


Image source: indianexpress.com

Sunstroke claims many lives during peak summer in India. Many deaths have been reported in various parts of the country due to it.

Last year, over 2500 died of sunstroke in India. Sunstrokes can be fatal and thus, it is of utmost importance to understand what it is, and take precautionary measures to avoid it.

First, let’s understand what exactly happens to one’s body when its hit by sunstroke. All the organs in one’s body function normally at 37 degree Celsius.

In case of increasing atmospheric temperature, one’s body sweats to maintain the core body temperature at 37 degree Celsius. Evaporating sweat brings down the body temperature.

However, if the body has less water, it resists letting out sweat in order to provide water for important bodily functions.

In a condition when the atmospheric temperate exceeds 45 degree Celsius and the person doesn’t sweat due to less water in body, the body temperature starts going up. At 45 degree Celsius, the blood starts getting warmer and the protein in the blood starts to boil.

In this state, the body muscles start contracting and the muscles required to perform the breathing function also start malfunctioning.

As a consequence, the blood becomes thicker and blood pressure reduces, resulting in low blood supply to important parts of the body especially the brain.

After this, the person reaches a condition of coma and one by one, all the important body parts start going into shutdown mode, resulting in death.

To avoid this fatal condition, it is advised that one drink water at regular intervals and make sure that the core body temperature remains at 37 degree Celsius.

It is advised people remain indoors, at home or in office, between 12-3 pm. This phenomenon would easily result in dehydration and sunstroke.

As a precautionary measure, it is advised that one drinks a minimum of three litres of water and people with kidney disorders are advised to drink minimum of six litres of water after checking with their doctor. It is also best to take bath in cold water.

One should avoid consuming any meat products as far as possible and eat more fruits and vegetables.

There is also a simple way to maintain the room temperature by keeping two half-filled buckets of water with an open lid.


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