How child care homes are making money

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A man named Mahllipeddi, running an orphanage for the destitute children was arrested on the charges of indulging the children forcefully into begging on streets of Hyderabad. He got himself into trouble now, various child care centres and Child Welfare Committee’s have started to investigate about his orphanage.


There are around 3000 child care homes in Tamil Nadu and it is very shocking but true that half of them are unregistered. The reason why there are so many child care centres opening everywhere is because they make huge amount of money. A record from states that ‘Government of India provides two grants for setting up of CWCs. A maintenance grant of 6.19 lakhs and construction grant of 9.9 lakhs as per the provision of ICPS the government of India .

At the ratio of 35:65 the cost of setting up CWCs is shared by central and state, except in Jammu and Kashmir and North East where the ratio stands at 90:10.

With such a huge amount of money involved many childcare centres have come up in the outskirts of Chennai, which pretend and show how much they care for the poor but in reality, some of them lack a decent protective wall to give shelter to those in their home care.

Lack Of basic Amenities

‘Uthavum Ullam’ a child care centre near West Tambaram was shut down recently because it lacked basic amenities. When the CWC officials first visited the place, the records showed 41 children, and the home is operated and taken care by by a 92 year old woman. CWC officials had to take this step of shutting it down after they got a hint that few homes near Kanchipuram were using the children as a source of getting donations and funds. In a raid conducted on June 30th only 32 children were found in the childcare

Whereas rest all were missing. When the care takers of the child care were questioned they said that the children were taken away by by their parents for celebrating Ramzan and they would be back after the festival is over. When CWC members checked the records they found there was no information about the missing children.

The CWC officials of Kanchipuram immediately moved the rest of the children to a registered home near Chengalpet. The children who were sent to a different child care out of them 18 were boys 15 were girls and two of the lot were under 5 years old. The so called “child care” did not have even the basic amenities, for instance the children were sharing beds,they were also sharing space with mentally challenged people inside a weak shed that did not even provide any shade from the sun or protected them from getting wet in the rain. No staff was seen around as well.

child care

50% of child cares are illegal

Tamil Nadu is well known for its social protection and social welfare program. Despite of this there is a huge number of children who are left behind in the child care to be taken care by their families. Tamil Nadu has the largest number of child care homes in India out of which 50% are illegal. Juvenile and Parent Protection Act have set up a minimum standards but many childcare lacks them. Paadam Narayanan, Director of Change India said they are using children to make money and it is nothing but pure economic exploitation. Most child welfare committees are not actively functional and many members of the committee have conflict of interest which makes things easy for fake child care centre runners stated Naraynan.  Since 2011 nearly 500 child care homes have been closed. CWC is not able to take adequate action Though many cases of child abuse have already been exposed as it lacks the necessary powers. Many children’s future has been pushed in danger because of lack of clarity with the laws of administration.