I Was Asked To Terminate The Baby !!!


When I was 23 years old I got married and conceived my baby. For the six months of my pregnancy I had gone through exceptional situations. I was asked to terminate the baby as I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to go through an abortion and one of my body part was removed through surgery. For the next three years I was going through a treatment where I took both VG and Chemo therapies. I did not lose even a single strand of hair although I took sixteen chemo therapies.

I won the battle with God’s grace, I defeated cancer . The doctors advised me not to have babies after that. But, I wanted a child and therefore I conceived a baby once again. In 1994, I gave birth to a baby boy challenging all odds. But, soon after the delivery my blood pressure of my right eye shot up to such an extent that I was render blind.

The doctors however controlled the situation, and immediately I had to go through a laser treatment for my eye with holding my new born son in my arms and bearing all the complications in my body. After 5 years I again gave birth to a child and this time it was a baby girl. Things were moving very smooth in my life but back in 2008, at my resident I had collapsed. I was rushed to the biggest hospital in the city.

While I was in the critical care unit the doctors declared that I was dead. Everybody in my family belived the doctors except my husband. His faith in the prayers turned out to be blessing for me. The doctors after few minutes informed everyone that I was alive. Now all I can recall is that there were bunch of young doctors pushing my chest to get my heart beating again.

Due to the hormonal imbalance in my body the temporary pace maker that the doctors placed to support me didn’t work well. To get a permanent pace maker I had to go through another surgery. In my case all I can say now is that “dawa aur dua” both complimented each other because of which am here today and am sharing my experience. “Cancer” the word itself is very scary, but do you know what is even more scarier? Having a child during or after cancer. What I want to say to all the women is that they should not lose faith in god and life.

I received a lot of love from my family and during the tough phase for which I am very grateful. I wish and pray that may all the families out there love their women member of their family like my family loves me.