Importance Of Encouraging A Child

No matter how old your children are, your praise and encouragement will help them feel good about themselves. This boosts their self-esteem and confidence. Sometimes rewards can be useful too, especially if you want to encourage good behaviour.
Praise is when you tell your child what you like about her or her behaviour. It goes a long way towards helping your child feel good about herself. You can praise children of different ages for different things. You might praise a younger child for leaving the park when asked, or for having a go at tying his own shoelaces. You can praise teenagers for coming home at an agreed time, or for starting homework without being reminded.
Encouragement is praise for effort. Praising effort can encourage your child to try hard in the future. Encouragement is particularly important for older children. Rewards can make your praise and encouragement more effective in encouraging good behaviour. Sometimes it’s easier to criticise than it is to compliment. Try to pay attention to the good behaviour, too! You can use praise as a tool to help change difficult behaviour and replace it with desirable behaviour.
When you feel good about your child, say so.  
 Describe what it is that you like.  
Praise your child for his strengths.  
Encourage good behaviour with praise, rather than pointing out the 
 It takes a lot of praise to outweigh one criticism.  
Look for little changes and successes. 
Accept that everyone’s different, and love those differences.  
Surprise your child with a reward for good behaviour.  
 Praise effort as well as achievement