Jobs and pension for transgender in Kerala


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In its budget on Friday, Kerala’s ruling left democratic front government announced a pension scheme for transgender aged 60 and above.

The government has committed to protect the rights of all in the transgender community. Whoever crosses sixty years of age, pension will be provided to them according said the finance minister Thomas Issac while presenting the budget. Although the pension amount was not specified by him.

Kerala had become the first state in the country to reveal a Transgender Policy, last year, with the view towards protecting the rights of transgender and ending the stigma towards the community.

The policy is applicable for all the categories of transgender, be it a male or female and even intersex transgender. As stated in Supreme Court’s judgment a transgender has the right to identify themselves as a man, women or transgender. The idea behind this policy is to give the transgender an equal access to social and economic opportunities, resources and services and last but not the least the right to live without any violence and lead a life without being looked upon by others. A transgender Justice Board should be set up, the policy recommended with state Minister for Social Justice as its chairperson.

Transgenders still face a lot of discrimination and do not receive any benefits like medical insurance and pension. After Odhisha Kerela has become the second state to have a welfare scheme for transgender.

Alias George Managing Director of Kochi Metro Rail had earlier announced that the community of transgender will be provided employment in Metro Rail Corporation in the city.

The transgender are forced into undesirable occupation, and therefore face a lot of hardships. We have come up with an idea to rehabilitate them, it is just an experiment that we will do first. We have planned to employ transgender in Kochi metro under Kudumbasree itself. We believe that our experiment will be a success. Kochi metro will be a venue for many experiments. We decided to make use of women self help groups in many operation sections, called Kudumbasree.  Kochi metro will have more women employees; it will be a women run metro. The selected candidates for employment will be given special training by police said Alias George in a recent KMMRL Facebook post.