Kerala to be declared open defecation-free state


On November 1st Kerala government will be declaring itself as the first state which will be free of open defecation. The event will be held in Thiruvananthapuram and PM Narendra Modi will be invited for the event.

Under its sanitation programme Kerala is building over 1.90 lakh toilets across 941 grama panchayats. Suchitwa Mission, the state nodal agency for sanitation, which is implementing the plan said work on 35 per cent of the toilets had already been completed and the state would achieve the new milestone by November. The mission is formed under the state local self government department with the vision of creating a waste free Kerala with a pollution-free environment, public hygiene and cleanliness.


On the grounds of health and education Kerala has achieved many milestones. Another feather in the cap of Kerala will be added by this sanitation program that Kerala will adopt. This state is way ahead of other states in India in many of the important social indicators.

Some milestones that Kerala has achieved over the years :

  1. Kerala has HDI of 0.791(high category) which is as good as many developed nations in the world, according to a data that was released in 2014.
  2. Kerala has one of the highest life expectancy in India and also according to the census of 2011 it has designated Kerala as the most literate state.
  3. Because of its low birth rates the demography of Kerala is similar to many other developed states.
  4. Kerala is the least corrupt state in India according to transparency international 2005 data.
  5. It has the least population of people who are homeless and landless beside this it is also the lowest in hunger index.

The other states as well should focus on improving the social indicators and their priority should be to ensure the population of their state is provided with proper education and health facilities. Hope this declaration of a state being free from open-defecation will provide an additional force to Swachh Bharat scheme and it will also encourage other states as well to completely give up on the practice of open defecation.