MoU to eradicate Tuberculosis


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On the last day of 10th Global Healthcare Summit in New Delhi, India, January 31, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) signed a Memorandum Of Association( MoU) to eradicate tuberculosis(TB) by the year 2030 in India.

AAPI’s former mission of providing a forum to facilitate and enable Indian American physicians to excel in patient care, teaching and research and to pursue their aspirations in professional and community affairs and giving back to India a strong commitment to help Indians to lead a healthier life.

Seema Jain, President of AAPI mentioned that the signing of the agreement by AAPI, leading policymakers, administrators, technical experts, media persons, and members of civil society working towards the aim of eradicating TB is a landmark in AAPI’s history. The MoU outlines the nature of TB , its impact on communities, leanings from global successes and the way towards tackling this disease.

India bears the world’s largest burden of TB, accounting for one-fourth of all new infections. It kills over three lakh people in India every year, the prevention and control of TB is a challenge at multiple levels, requiring the united efforts of a diverse range of stakeholders.

Anwar Feroz, Honorary Adviser of AAPI referred this 10th International Health Summit as a progressive transformation from the first Indo-US Healthcare Summit in 2007. Since then AAPI developed strategic alliances with various organizations.

The vision underlying the MoU is a TB free India through quality diagnosis for all the patients in the community. It also involves extending the reach of RNTCP services to all people who are suffering from TB and those taking treatment in private sectors.AAPI-10th-Annual-Global-Healthcare

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This Summit was organized by AAPI with a call to focus on the initiatives to prevent diseases and make healthcare services affordable, accessible and efficient.

The summit also helped India to prepare guidelines for managing head injury and trauma. This conference was attended by 500 delegates across the world, including 384 physicians from US held at Maurya ITC Hotel in New Delhi was packed with seminars, workshops, symposiums on modern research and health topics