Pakistan Supreme Court says Schizophrenia is Not A Mental Disorder


Schizophrenia has been ruled out , now uder the Pakistan’s legal definition of “mental disorder”

From the legal definition of mental disorder, the highest court of Pakistan has omitted the word “ Schizophrenia”

In 2002, a 50 year old man Imad Ali was accused of murdering a religious scholar. His appeal to halt execution by hanging has been dismissed by Pakistan Supreme Court, he is a mentally unstable person.

As the Supreme Court of Pakistan gave a seven-day stay order on the petition file by Justice Project Pakistan (JPP),the execution which was scheduled on 27th September has been delayed. He was declared mentally unstable by the doctors after they assed him.

After finding that Schizophrenia is not a permanent condition, and that it varies according to the level of stress, the judges ruled that the execution can go ahead. Despite of his mental conditions Mr Ali could be executed on 26th October.

The appeal to halt execution has however been dismissed by the judges. It would be against international law to hang Imdad Ali, the United Nations warned the Pakistan government reinstated the death penalty.

A large portion of prisoners in Pakistan suffer from mental illness the High Court of Pakistan said, and therefore it is not possible to let go everyone.

In 2009, Abdul Basit, a 43-year-old man, was convicted and sentenced to death for murder. But ,in prison he was diagnosed with tubercular meningitis as a result of which he was completely paralysed from waist down. He was after which not executed. In 2001 Khizar Hayat was arrested for killing his colleague in 2003. After which he was sentenced to death but in jail he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After which he had to be shifted to the prison hospital and he has been living there till date.

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness. People who suffer from this disorder may often hear voices, see imaginary sights, and they may even believe that others control their thoughts. Such thoughts and sensations can frighten the person and it may even lead to erratic behavior. Although there is no cure to it but treatment can usually help the patients avoid some dangerous situations in which they may land in to.