SeeDoc will provide affordable primary healthcare through videos in India.


Seedoc is one of the newest companies which is providing affordable healthcare by using technology. It is a company based in New Delhi.They have launched a mobile app which connects pre-screened doctors and patients through video calls. SeeDoc has been downloaded 3 lakh times and handled more than 15 thousand consultations.

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The company was formed by Jaideep Singh and Vivek Bansal.They realised that there is a huge gap in providing good,transparent healthcare for families in India.There are malpractices and focus is very little on providing good primary health care. They wanted to adopt a technology which can solve the accessibility and transparency issues. The platform has enrolled 100 doctors. Doctors not only focus on providing general medications but they also focus on dermatology,sexual health and pediatric care. Users can ask questions by texting for free while video consultations range from 300 to 800 rupees.
Bansal said that doctors respond to requests within two days but the company’s goal is to provide on-demand service. SeeDoc has partnered with pharmacies,clinics and labs so that users can get prescriptions,follow up care or tests if necessary.

According to FICCI-KPMG Report, India’s healthcare market is huge. Public healthcare systems vary widely throughout the country and many citizens are still uninsured.
Many platforms are using the same model which is used by SeeDoc but it is making sure that all of its doctors see patients regularly so that they are guaranteed a steady income through the platform as its competitive strategy.

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SeeDoc looks for doctors who have been trained at top medical programs and at least have five to fifteen years of prior experience.The doctors should be willing to use the platform’s backend software so that the company and ensure that doctors are asking all the questions which they require to diagnose and address patient’s concerns and refer them to labs or pharmacies.

Bansal mentioned that the backend is the key element of their business model.It can provide high quality services as well as transparency and uniformity as the doctors need to follow it.