Snapdeal makes a deal with IIT-Delhi to launches smart canes for visually impaired


Image source: Deccan

In a move to aid visually impaired people, Indian e-retailer Snapdeal has launched Smart cane which is a electronic travel aid that ensures independent mobility and safety of the visually impaired

To bring this innovative device in the hands of those who need it Snapdeal has collaboration with IIT-Delhi and Phoenix Medical Solutions.

The device is an advanced version of the white cane used by visually impaired people. This electronical marvel functions using ultrasonic ranging, it helps predict above knee-level obstacles and therefore ensures safety against collisions.

The device was co-created with the user community and through rigorous testing validated by 300 plus persons with visual impairment across the country,

The device has  already empowered over 10,000 users in India already.

In addition snap deal also made this device open to be transferd in form of charitable act where potential donors can also choose to donate SmartCane via Snapdeal

The portal responsible for handling this transaction is Sunshine platform which is a reliable and direct way of making in-kind donations.

The donated products will be shipped directly to NGO partner Saksham that works for empowering persons with blindness. Online platform such as Better India is also supporting the cause as an outreach partner.

The SmartCane is priced at Rs 3,500 and is available online exclusively on Snapdeal.


Content source: Deccan