Social Innovations in 2015 which changed the world

INNOVATION road sign

2015 was a year filled with politics, bad media publicity, rise of terrorism and back bitching to a new height. Among all this chaos, there were a few crusaders who were working relentlessly towards making our society a better place. Today we have compiled a list of Social Innovations that made society a better place in 2015. Many of them are in public domain and a few are yet to be launched, but they sure are promising.

Machine that converts poop into drinking water 

More than 2.4 billion people on planet don’t have access to basic, safe sanitation in the year, while more than 660 million people use improved drinking water resources.

Gates foundation has been already in talks with many engineers to tackle the issue.Peter Janicki, CEO of Janicki Bioenergy, developed a machine (shown in the video above) that converts sewer sludge into clean drinking water, electricity and pathogen-free ash in a matter of minutes.

Its safe and arable, Bill too trusts this machine.

The sneaker technology designed for people with disabilities


In 2012, Matthew Walzer, who has cerebral palsy, wrote a letter to Nike asking the company to create sneakers that people with disabilities could easily put on and take off without the help of others. This year, the company announced a new line of footwear — Flyease — that has a zipper extending around the back of the shoe.

Instead of laces, which are incredibly difficult for people with movement disorders, stroke victims and amputees, the zipper allows you to “peel” it open with one hand and slide your foot in easily.

Nike’s senior director of athlete innovation, Tobie Hatfield, designed the technology and worked with Walzer to develop and test the sneakers.

Life saving device that can seal wound under a minute

Imagine the loss of lives on battle front, due to blood loss from wounds and injuries.

Oregon startup RevMedX’s new device XSTAT 30 is a syringe filled with tiny, bio-compatible sponges, which can be injected into a deep wound to absorb blood and seal it in less than a minute. While it’s been used on the battlefield since April 2014, it was recently approved by the FDA for civilian use.

These sponges expand upto 15 times once they make contact with the blood, ensuring proper sealing of the wound. Wondering when this becomes a part of Indian Army Medic kit, and numerous lives can be saved.

Lamps powered by Plants

Approximately 42% of rural areas in Jungles of Peru don’t have electricity. The same is case with many countries in Africa and South America. India’s north-east belt and areas of Jharkhand and Orrissa have the same fate.

The Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC), which is known for developing innovative technologies in response to pressing world issues, created the Plantalamparas — a lamp that runs on plant power and lights the small village of Nuevo Saposoa.

During photosynthesis, the plant’s waste decomposes in the soil, producing electrons during oxidation. The UTEC team captures these electrons by using electrodes in the soil and storing it in batteries. This process can light the LED bulbs for up to two hours.

A simple toolkit to help girls wash and dry reusable pads


Sanitary pads have always been a taboo issue, and a very few innovations have come in this field last century. As a matter of fact, in a country like India only 20% of women use fresh sanitary pads.

Product designer Mariko Higaki Iwai and a team of art students created FLO, a simple kit that allow girls in developing countries to easily wash, dry and carry reusable sanitary pads. Flo aims to ensure that girls don’t miss school or work due to the stigma of menstruation, don’t contract reproductive infections and illnesses, and also maintain confidence.

The product is essentially an enclosed basket spun between strings to wash sanitary pads and reduce drying time. The basket inside turns into a drying rack, and the kit also includes a carrying case to carry both new and old pads discreetly.

Lets learn from them and make this world a better place!!