Student Of A School In Bajghera Got Rs. 20 Lakhs Sanctioned

School in Bajghera

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A school in Bajghera, in Gurgoan district of Haryana is a girl who hails from the village. She is a student in that school, this school in Bajghera is run and managed by Literacy India. The school is open for all age groups, regardless of whether or not they had a formal education in past.

The road which led to her school was often flooded with water where the garbage and trash often used to overflow this was a result of not having a proper garbage disposable mechanism. As a result of which for students like Akansha it became difficult to go to school daily.

“We The People” organized a citizenship programme and this was the time when Akansha realized that the power to bring a change was in her hands and she can take an initiative to bring a change in the condition of the roads leading to her school. It was during this programme that she learned about the Indian Constitution and she also learned about her rights as a citizen and how could she implement them.

When Akansha got to know that the rights that she has gives her the power to affect change, she along with her teachers and friends started thinking about how to solve the problem of the poor condition of the roads.

They started gathering information about various authorities and tried to evaluate as to which department of government dealt with the maintenance of roads.

On learning that these kind of issues such as road maintenance fell under jurisdiction of village Sarpanch, the group immediately approached the head of the village.

The Sarpanch had refused to listen to any of their appeal and did not take their concerns regarding the roads which lead to the school Bajghera seriously. With this behavior of the Sarpanch Akansha and her companions approached the Municipal Corporation of Gurgoan (MCG). Akansha was handed over a letter by MCG which stated that Panchayat was the sole authority accountable for for maintenance of roads.

The fearless girl Akansha didn’t give up and this time approached District Collector (DC) of Gurgoan who is the head of all the Panchayats. The DC gave them a ray of hope and responded positively and also asked the Block Divisional Officer (BDO) to look into the matter and help the students. The BDO informed the kids that an amount of 20 Lakhs have been sanctioned towards the repair work in the village.

With the support of the others Akansha and her friends were delighted that their efforts were paying off. However, the group approached the sarpanch again when despite the release of funds there was no sign of improvement.

But, this time because Akansha had a written proof of the release of funds and which also had orders to start the work immediately the Sarpanch gave in to the students demand.

The repair work was in full-swing within a period of two months. Although the main concern of Akansha was regarding the road which led to her school, the repair work was extended to all the roads in the village. Soon each and every road of the village was well paved. Drainage system was added so that water accumulation did not take place.

With empowered students who not only knew their rights but had also proven themselves to be responsible citizens, the Sarpanch and other villagers too, became more responsible towards their rights and duties.

Most of us know about our rights and responsibilities as written in our constitution, but only a fraction of us know the true and actual meaning and stand by them. Nothing can be more inspiring than hearing about children like Akansha who worked so hard to achieve what she had decided to achieve and make her schooling easier.