Swasthya Slate:Medical Device conduct tests in just 45 minutes


“We are changing the world with technology”, Bill Gates.Yes, India is really booming in leaps and bounds when it comes to innovation and technology.“Swasthya Slate”, a new Medical Device that can conduct medical tests in just 45 minutes.One can get the result just in a tap of a button.

New Medical Device: Swasthya Slate

Swasthya slate that can complete 33 medical tests in just 45 minutes and helps in getting the results in just through a click.Some of the major tests performed by this device are those meant for measuring blood pressure , blood sugar,heart rate, blood hemoglobin, urine protein.

Dr.Kanav Kahol,Public Health Foundation Of India.

“I am fascinated by the fact that almost every medical device or system we develop , whether it’s for world-class cancer or anything of that sort is alway is meant for the topmost 1% of the population of the world.But there are almost 5 billions of us who lack access to quality diagnostics .It’s sad that we develop technology only for that % of the population and wait for that trickle-down effect to take place.Therefore, I think this process should happen in a reversing way” ,says Kanav Kahol,the brains behind Swastya Slate.

The device is highly beneficial for treacherous diseases namely- dengue, malaria, hepatitis, HIV, typhoid etc. that requires quick results.

A medical device delivering health care to Millions:

Swasthya slate is a health device that uses technology to deliver health care solution to millions of India.At present the device costs 15,000 has empowered thousands of primary health care workers to give patients instant results, cutting down on both costs and time.Apart from several Indian states like Orissa , Karnataka, Maharashtra , Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, the kit will be also used by Nigeria, Singapore, Norway , Canada and U.K.

The initiative has helped several governments, private players, and NGOs to reach out to several parts of rural India.

“Government has a large role to play in this matter as it is the largest health care provider. They have done a fabulous job and set up centres in remote places where you think nothing could have been built”, says Dr. Kahol, who strongly  believes that one of the ways to meet targets could be to encourage more public-private partnership (PPP)models.

Swasthya Slate, The Medical Device

Need for a Dialogue: The problem of research in healthcare technology isn’t the lack of desire or passion but the problem lies with the engineers who are unaware of what problem to solve and acting like misguided missiles.It has been seen that a lot of products coming out of IITs are a waste because there are legal issues involved.Therefore, there is a need to understand the ground issues and finding a solution to them for which a continuous dialogue is needed.

Therefore, a constant, clear and focused effort is  needed in order to make this initiative more successful worldwide in the long run.

“India is the greatest place to be an engineer.I was already in a system that seems like the best.I didn’t want to focus only on the top 1% of the population , Dr. Kahol, of Public Health Foundation of India(PHFI).