The Paint Social an initiative to get people together

The Paint Social

Ruchi Mehta, the founder of The Paint Social (TPS), aims to give a day which is full of music, food, drinks, chatting with friends and do a lot of paintings, paint whatever you feel like and do whatever you want to. Basically a day to de-stress yourself and forget about all the tensions of life. Not only this whatever you paint you can take it back along with you so that you can identify your inner talent.

This initiative of The Paint Social makes it possible for people to meet and paint together. The main idea behind this unique concept of paint social is to make people relax and have fun.

The Paint Social

Ruchi started The Paint Social with the aim of giving people a new way to socialise unlike other ways where people meet each other over drinks and party. Ruchi always had a creative bent of mind and has always interested in painting, it was her hobby and this was the reason she started The Paint Social.

She says I thought this creative idea of involving paintings which has been my hobby since I  was a child will be something which has not been done before in the name of socializing, as people always keep looking for new things to do in the city hence I thought what could be better than this idea.

Ruchi organises 2 to 3 hours sessions in restaurants, lounges etc with whom she has a tie up where people gather and what they do is they paint. From some of the options sent to these participants beforehand the groups choose one painting and then recreate it on the canvas.

The Paint Social

An expert instructor paints along with the participants, these are usually beginner level paintings. The instructor guides the groups throughout. Participants can paint something else altogether if they feel like.

Ruchi also organizes painting sessions at private parties like at the customers’ house etc other than organizing open events. Groups who want to make detailed and professional paintings, provisions are made for them too.

Participants are given step wise instructions by the instructor but they are also free to choose whatever they want to do. It is a place to pay with colours, have a good time with friends and also make new friends. The idea is to help people shed their shyness and paint even if they don’t know how to and just have fun. As of now The Paint Social events are only organised in  Mumbai and Pune but soon Ruchi plans to expand in other cities also.

The Paint Social The Paint Social are paid events and the cost depends on the size of painting a person wants to paint and also it depends on the amount of time they want to spend etc. Ruchi is also planning to tie up with organisations that conduct fundraisers and help them in organising painting sessions.

People look forward at to these painting sessions as it is a way to meditate because they help them de-stress. 28-year-old MBA graduate says just playing around with colours is so relaxing that people not only come back for more but they also recommend it to their friends.