The Toy Bank


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Toy Bank fulfills its mission of “recycle toys-recycle smiles” by bringing a toy closer to a child. They try and send the toys according to the intellectual and emotional capacity of the child. They are helping in broadening a child’s horizons both analytically and intellectually and also help in fostering mental, emotional and social development of children and also help them to grow as confident and better individuals.

Vidyun Goel has provided us with various reasons related to the impact of toys on child’s development. She states that physical and motor skills are developed as children learn to grasp,crawl,run, climb and balance. Fine motor skills are developed when children handle small toys. Dexterity develops when children hold toys or other items.

Toys also help in developing skills like problem-solving and this further leads to enhancement of memory skills and increase in attention span.

While playing with toys,  children can accomplish their wishes and conquer their fears and bad experiences which helps them to understand their surroundings in a better way.

Through educational toys, children learn to share and other important social skills. These skills include sharing, taking turns and allowing others to talk without interrupting.

 The toys are collected from houses. There are 20 collection centres spread across delhi, which are homes or offices of volunteers who have offered a small place in their premises as a collection center. Collection drives are conducted in schools and corp orates. The toys which are collected from schools. A coordinator from Toy bank gives a list of the toys that are required. An in-charge from the school ensures the collection as per the list.

 Each toy is checked for any sort of damage and is fixed,if required. When a toy is ready and complete in all aspects, it is cleaned and repackaged. The toys are either given to a child or are kept in the toy library so that kids can borrow,play and rotate among themselves.

 Distribution was initiallya challenge for the organisation. They started out by donating toys in slums,orphanages and shelters in Delhi but they wanted to reach out to the children who were living in rural areas as the villages did not have sufficient resources.They have tied up with the organisations like Teach for India, Samaj Pragati Sahyog,etc. They send toys from Delhi to the nearest railway stations through railways and their partner organisations takes the toys from the railway stations.Dev-naliya-photo-2

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 Toy Bank have never raised funds till now and they do not have any permanent employees. Volunteers impact the lives of 48000 kids every year. Toy Bank wants to set up a decentralized model with collection and sorting centres in major cities and metros. They are also planning to align themselves with delivering and logistical agencies foe sending back toys to Delhi where they can be sorted,recycled and repacked for distribution.

 Now, they are willing to raise funds through crowd funding so that the organisation can reach out distant parts of India and distribute toys which is not an easy task.