“The tree doctor” who works continuously to save the dying trees


Vijay Nishanth, to save the dying trees has been working tirelessly. Nishanth is called “The Tree Doctor”. He managed to identify around 8000 trees with the help of GPS technology and was thus able to identify the decaying trees. Under his flagship project Vruksha.com he was able to identify the trees that were decaying.

“A tree can be treated as humans are” Vijay an environment conservationist as well as an animal activist.”

To blindfold the authorities including the tree lovers, he found out that the miscreants rather than cutting the trees were poisoning them. By looking at the tree generally no one can guess about the actual condition of the tree as these trees looks perfectly fine from outside. And, the reality is that these trees start dying from within.

It was recently that in Bangalore Vijay saved a Jamun tree. The place where this Jamun tree was located the owner of the house near the Jamun tree had poisioned the tree claiming it to be an evil tree as he was too superstitious. The trees can be preserved only when we start counting the number of trees present in our locality as it will give us an insight to the actual number of trees left in our locality.


Vijay said that whenever he sees any wounded tree he at once cleans the wounds of the tree caused on its tissues of the roots which are damaged due to poisoning, there after he uses orange oil to create an artificial layer to stop the spread of infection, and within a month’s time the tree recovers from all its wounds and is healthy again.

The authorities must map the total green cover as well as conduct tree census Vijay says. Doing so will help the activists to save the trees that are dying.

Charityworld appreciates the effort of Rescuing and Healing the trees taken up by Vijay Nishanth. We need more people like him to conserve and save the environment. Most of us today don’t even know that a tree can even be poisoned which results in death of a tree. Vijay is working really hard so as to make people aware on how to save the trees. Please contact Vijay Nishanth the next time you see a dying tree nearby.