This 17 year old has her own NGO


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Muskaan Chhibber a 17 year old girl was running from pillar to post to get her NGO registered. At her age when most teenagers are busy planning busy in their lives, deciding which college to attend, deciding which course to take up, where to go with friends etc. But Muskaan had planned something else for herself.

She says this thought of working for the society came to her mind when three years ago she started working with an NGO called Samarpan in VasantKunj, Delhi. I was working there as a volunteer when I was in class 10. I was teaching kids of various ages who were from underprivileged backgrounds. That was when I thought that there are so many other kids like these who are deprived of education because of lack of resources.

She started working in Australia for a campaign called Clean up the World. This campaign aims to encourage communities across the globe to clean and conserve their environment. She became a member of the organization and started spreading awareness about environmental issues in Delhi, starting with her neighbors and friends and expanding from there.

Muskaan lost her grandmother to cancer while she was working there. This incident motivated her to work for cancer patients across the country as well.

She decided finally to bring all the work that she had been doing through different individual campaigns under one umbrella and set up an organization. To increase the creditability and authenticity she got it registered with the government. Muskaan got her organization registered in the name of “Nurture Nature” with the help of her mother. Today, her NGO has a core team of five people a huge group of volunteers working on different agendas.

She says our work is based around basic three pillars.


Around 20 children children come from rural and semi-urban areas around Delhi, Nurture Nature has funded their education. The team visit the slums and spread awareness about the importance of education among children and parents residing there. They also help the children getting enrolled in government schools and fund their requirement at the schools. The volunteers begin with the children of their domestic helps, gardeners, drivers, etc. and slowly move on to the community as a whole. A boy named Rahul was the first child whom we helped in school registration. He motivated other kids to pursue their studies as well. Rahul being the eldest son of the family and after his father’s death he is the only earning member in the family. This was the reason why he had to give up his education. So that Rahul can get good education and help his family while he was working we enrolled him in an open school and a weekly tutorial centre says Muskaan. After north and south Delhi, the NGO plans to expand to Haryana.


Muskaan contacted an NGO “ Indian Cancer Society” which is working on spreading awareness about the detectiuon and cure of cancer. With the help of ICS, she got a chance to visit hospitals and meet cancer patients directly. She along with her team visited these cancer patients, spoke to them listened to their stories. They took their stories to the general masses and made people understand everything about the disease. Nurture Nature goes to schools and colleges talking to students and urging them to spread awareness about the disease further. They direct underprivileged cancer patients to hospitals where they will be treated for free, as they have connection with doctors. The NGO tries to help patients with the cost of medicines as much as possible


Muskaan has been working for the environment ever since she started working as a social worker. She along with her team keeps organizing cleanliness drives across the city, while also educating people about the importance of clean surroundings. They conduct charity events for people to contribute, and the money thus collected is used to conduct more cleanliness drives in the Delhi.

Muskaan, who recently finished Class 12, will be moving to the US for college.

While Muskaan will be trying to expand the NGO in US too the co-president of the NGO Ved Rajgarhia will be looking after the proceedings here in India. The team raises funds for Nurture Nature with the help of crowd-funding events, online fund raisers, charity events, etc