This girl from Gujarat obtains flying license at age of 16


By getting a license to fly at the age of 16, Varijia Shah from Baroda has achieved a new height in life. She hovered over the city for 20 minutes when she flew Cessna aircraft . She is the youngest person who has obtained a student pilot license to fly a plane. Although she is yet to receive her learning license to drive a two wheeler.

Varijia had an interest in flying planes since the time she was in class 7th. With the help of an instructor she flew Cessna 152 for the first time. Varijia said this is the best birthday gift I could have received when she turned 16 year old.

Virijia joined Gujarat Flying Club last year as she was very much fascinated with flying and wanted to peruse her career in it. Her dad always dreamt of being a pilot himself. Both her parents were very supportive of her decision. The course was for one year, it included ground training along with theory classes also it included flying the plane on the simulator. Virijia will get a private pilot license after joining National Cadet Corps after which she will join the IAF.

Virijia is a student of Navrachana School Sama, Baroda and studies in class 11. She aims to become an Indian Air Force Pilot. Virijia is a state and national level tennis champion. Virijia is a bright student, she will have to fly daily to get expertise in flying planes the Chief flight instructor at Gujarat Flying Club Mr Charlie Weir said. Her parents are very proud of her and believe that she will fulfill her dreams.

Before Shah, there was Ayesha Aziz, who had received her student pilot licence at the age of 16 and at age 20, went on to become the youngest Indian pilot.