This Maths Teacher Uses His Own Salary to Fund Books, Fees and Tuition for Needy Students


Image source : the better India

Dhrubajyoti Sen, a government school teacher from Howrah, is going out his way to support brilliant students who quit schools for financial reasons. Dhrubajyoti, who teaches mathematics, has asked for such students to contact him and he’ll try to sponsor their education.

He is alone in his efforts for now, although there are many needy students, but says he will still keep trying his best.

Dhrubajyoti has limited the circle to only students from Howrah, Hoogli or Kolkata who have passed their Class 10 boards and are willing to study science.

When asked why he was not taking on students who want to opt for arts and commerce, he said, “That’s because I don’t have much contacts in arts and commerce streams,” in an interview given to India Times.

Dhrubajyoti will be providing the needy students with books, private tuition and school fees. Also, along with his teacher friends, he will be giving guidance to these students for IIT-JEE and medical entrance examinations.
The books needed for these exams are very costly and are difficult to afford for the children’s parents who earn about Rs. 3000-4000 per month.

Dhrubajyoti plans to continue his initiative for as long as he can. He also wishes that his daughter should carry on the good work after his death, he said.

source of the Content: the better India