To help a three year old this heroic Olympian sells medal

Rio Olympics

Once A Hero is Always A Hero

Rio Olympics got over just a few days ago. All the winners were welcomed back in their respective countries as heroes of their nation, and they were very very proud of them. One such hero who won a medal one of just 11 medals won by his nation’s athletes at the Olympic Games for his country and who is from Poland is in the news for something very different. Piotr Malachowski who won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics, auctioned off his medal so that he could fund the treatment of a 3 year old boy suffering from cancer.

Rio Olympics

Piotr Malachowski  said on a social media platform that he was really moved and touched by seeing the trouble that the boy named Olek was going through, he has been battling with cancer for almost two years and getting a treatment in New York was his only hope and  needed to raise a total of $120,000 to receive treatment for retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer that is most common in children. On seeing this Piotr  Malachowski decided to raise funds for the child by auctioning his medal in New York that he had won in RIO. He had also issued a public meeting where he said “I fought for gold in the RIO”, and today I am asking you all to fight along with me for something even more precious”. He wrote on his social page and he announced about his auctioning of his medal.

Rio Olympics

 He said for Olek my silver medal may prove to be Gold medal if you all help me. The RIO champion was welcomed and the auctioning turned out to be a huge success. After confirming that the medal he had auctioned had indeed found its takers he wrote “Success” on his social page.