Twitter takes a stand for ‘Empowering Women’


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Our society is dominated by the patriarchy whose sphere of influence has started to spread its roots even in the virtual world. Twitter takes a stand against this issue by launching #Positionofstrength campaign to empower women to raise voices against any form of discrimination.

The movement has already been launched in Australia and Ireland this campaign seeks to bridge the gender equality gap online in India and inspire the next generation of women leaders to have an influential voice in society.

Mahima Kaul the Public Policy Head of Twitter India shares how they have heard from many women influencers who have used Twitter to drive awareness on gender pay gap, childcare, domestic violence, healthcare and flexible work. With the introduction of #PositionOfStrength. They as an organization hope to strengthen the women empowerment movement and encourage women to amplify their voices in a secure and confident manner.

The social networking platform has partnered with the FICCI Ladies’ Organization and the Observer Research Foundation to engage more women to find their voices online, communicate safely with confidence and network with other like-minded women and the global community at large.

Safety, according to the organizers, lies at the core of the campaign and enables users to steer clear of any form of online abuse.

Patricia Cartes, Head of Global Trust and Safety Outreach, Twitter assures of a safer and better virtual haven through the introduction of measures to empower our users with tools like mute, block and report abusive behavior.

In order to expand the reach of the program, a series of round table sessions and workshops with women leaders has been scheduled to be organized throughout the year to discuss how to increase empowerment and safety for women, both online and in the physical world.

Meanwhile, Twitter also launched its Safety Center in Hindi to ensure engagement and education of women locally to enable them to use the platform safely and with confidence.

Ms Cartes was happy to announce that for the first time in Asia Twitter has launched a  Safety Center in Hindi and how they as an a organization are committed to increasing the networks safety efforts and to keep rolling out this social movement across this important market.

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