This Woman Who Is 100 Has Applied For Permit To Run An Old Age Home

Old Age

For the last 70 years Aruna Mukherjee who is 100 years old  has been surviving on just tea and biscuit, she has applied for a permission to start an old age home. Born in Dhaka and later settled in Assam some 80 years ago. Jadulal Mukarjee, her husband was the head of chemistry Department at Cotton College in Guwahati, unfortunetly a few years back he passed away. They had 5 five children, 4 sons and one daughter. Her three sons who were working abroad as scientists died while her forth son and her daughter lives in Canada.

She approached the civic administration to ask for permission to start her old age home and she was asked a question “Who will run it”? And to this she simply replied that I will run it. She has planned to start her old age home by October. Currently she runs four of her institutes that offers free training in vocational courses. She is very talented, and has knowledge about fine arts, music, knitting, sewing, embroidery, painting, soft toy making, not only this she also takes classes for all these sometimes.

Disturbed by the sufferings that people in Bangladesh were facing in 1947, Aruna stopped eating everything and was only surviving on tea and biscuits. In an interview she said that she has seen hundreds of hungry people, and small children crying when they fled Bangladesh and became a refugee at Guwahati Railway Station. Aruna used to cook food for these refugees and she even gave them her food. To feed as many people as possible she made paper bags to earn money.

She still starts crying thinking about  the situation that the refugees were into, where they didn’t get to eat food for days and having this thought in her mind she could not eat anything except tea and biscuit till date.

On her 100th birthday on 31 August 2016 Aruna gave a message of “Live for mankind”. Despite of being a centenarian and eating sparsely for past seven decades she has no disease at all. She does most of her household work and is very active and she is struggling with her failing hearing and vision.

Bobita Sharma who is a former beauty pegeant winner  said even at the age of 100 she gets anxious when she hears about the flood affected areas and she gets desperate to go and help those who affected survivors and help them.She is a producer who is making a documentary on Aruna, Assam’s 100 year old woman’s life.