Working woman raises questions on the way our ministers work

working woman

In this world the best relationship is of a mother and her child. For her kids a mother gives so many sacrifices we can’t thank them enough for all her sacrifices. She takes care of the whole house, she takes care of all the family members, her child, her in-laws everyone. This is why she is called a multi tasker.

Just recall the times when you used to get fever as a child and how your mother used to take care of you. Similar is a story of a mom from Pune Swati Chitalkar, whose child was suffering from high fever but she had some urgent deadlines to meet in her office. This mother instead of staying at home and taking care of her child had to forcibly come to work. So, she decided to bring her son along with her to the office so that she can finish her work on time and also can keep an eye on her son.

She shared a post on Facebook which went viral. The post showed herself working at her desk while her child suffering from fever was lying behind her on the floor.

working woman

Her post stated “ its not a baby lying on the floor, its my heart on the floor. He had high temperature and was not at all ready to stay back at home with anyone. As half day is over I couldn’t take any leave in between and I also had to release an urgent loan. But I was able to manage my both the duties.  I just want to convey the message to the ministers who sleeps in the assembly” I can very well take care of my child as well as my office.

Her post caught an eye of thousands of citizens. Many applauded the mother who managed her duties so well while few others criticised the politicians who aren’t taking care of their responsibilities.

She clarified later about her message, she just wanted to convey, that it would be a better world if all our politicians can perform their duties with utmost sincerity.O