Good News

You don’t have to be rich to donate what is most valuable to you

By Rajiv Tewari, based on an interaction with Dr. Dipak Dhar Choudhury, Founder, Indian Medical...

I Quit My Job And Bought An Auto-Rickshaw !!!

The concept of a 9-5 job got too mechanical for me, I used to work...
Santhi Soundarajan

Santhi Soundarajan All Set To Be An Athletic Coach

For athlete Santhi Soundarajan, there is finally some good news after struggling for almost a decade, Santhi is all set to get a permanent job as a coach.



The Journey Of A Ragpicker Who Became A Nurse With Her Hardwork

Now, a nurse in public Health Centre Bhanu Sheikh Safi, this woman started her life...

Skill India: It’s Not about Few Acres of Land but Many Acres of Grey Matter

By Rajiv Tewari, Founder for  Based on a conversation with Prof Ramola Kumar,...

She got scholarship without having class 12th certificate

Mumbai teen Malvika Joshi doesn't have class 10th and class 12 certificate, but she has been provided scholarship by MIT and she has been pursuing it.


Benefits of Running – Run your way to Good Health

  Improve Your Health Running is actually a great way to increase your overall level of health....

Pakistan Supreme Court says Schizophrenia is Not A Mental Disorder

Schizophrenia has been ruled out , now uder the Pakistan’s legal definition of “mental disorder” From...

Reasons to Drink More Water

Your body is composed of 60% of water.Means when we are dehydrated and still do not have water to hydrate our body we are in a way affecting your body


Toilet Man

The Toilet Man Of India Who Constructed Over 2,00,000 Toilets

To build a toilet is easy but to convince people to build toilets is the...
deep water

A Father Carried His Child To Hospital Through Deep Waters !!!

A man who is from Kudumsare village in Chintapalli Mandal,  Andra Pradesh, had no other...

Ganesha that grows into a tree- An initiative to save the environment

To save the environment and encourage people to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco friendly way he makes Ganesha idols which gives birth to trees.


8.4 Crore Indian Children Don’t Attend School At All Even After 69 Years Of Independence

In a recent survey, two upsetting factors have been revealed. This is a result of...
rainy season

Tips every mother should follow this rainy season

Along with relief from the scorching summer heat monsoon also brings along with itself humidity,...
Rio Olympics

To help a three year old this heroic Olympian sells medal

Malachowski has auctioned his medal from the Rio Olympics to help fund the treatment of 3-year-old boy Olek Szymanski, who is suffering from retinoblastoma.

Ngo / Charity Update

India Needs to Transit from an Open Market Economy to a Socially Responsible Market Economy

By Rajiv Tewari, Consulting Editor,, based on a conversation with Umesh Upadhyay, President and...

Startup India: Charity Funding Can Ignite the Power of Social Enterprise in India

By Rajiv Tewari, Founder, MediaNetwork, based on a conversation with Amarjit (Amar) Dhull, Founder,

This 17 year old has her own NGO

Image source: Muskaan Chhibber a 17 year old girl was running from pillar to post...