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Good Behaviour

For Good Behaviour A Rapist In The US Released After 3 Months Of Imprisonment

A former swimmer from Stanford University, Brok Turner was convicted of sexual assault, in his home state was released on Friday from the prison.

Her Family Made Her A Hero

With an empowering video, Vim highlights the importance of time liberation and freedom at home...

This police man Rakesh Kumar performs his duty without shoes

The man in the picture below is Rakesh Kumar. He is in Haryana Police and...


Skill India: It’s Not about Few Acres of Land but Many Acres of Grey Matter

By Rajiv Tewari, Founder for  Based on a conversation with Prof Ramola Kumar,...

She got scholarship without having class 12th certificate

Mumbai teen Malvika Joshi doesn't have class 10th and class 12 certificate, but she has been provided scholarship by MIT and she has been pursuing it.

From Child Bride to India’s First Practising Woman Doctor

It was during 1980’s when Indian women didn’t have much right to speak neither for...



Reasons to Drink More Water

Your body is composed of 60% of water.Means when we are dehydrated and still do not have water to hydrate our body we are in a way affecting your body
Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits

Listed below are the various benefits of green tea. Weight Loss :Green tea increases the metabolism....
nail biting

Nail biting and thumb sucking habits in children can encourage good health later

Nail biting and thumb sucking may help to protect against allergic reactions in adults, according to a New Zealand study.



Ganesha that grows into a tree- An initiative to save the environment

To save the environment and encourage people to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco friendly way he makes Ganesha idols which gives birth to trees.

Almost 100 Kg Of Garbage Found In The Stomach Of A Cow

This happened in Ahmadabad, almost 100g of waste including plastic bags, nails, socks and other...

Kerala to be declared open defecation-free state

Kerala will be declared as open defecation-free state on its formation day on November 1.A decision to this effect was taken at the state Cabinet meeting.


rainy season

Tips every mother should follow this rainy season

Along with relief from the scorching summer heat monsoon also brings along with itself humidity,...
Rio Olympics

To help a three year old this heroic Olympian sells medal

Malachowski has auctioned his medal from the Rio Olympics to help fund the treatment of 3-year-old boy Olek Szymanski, who is suffering from retinoblastoma.

Give More to Get More: CSR Case Study

By Rajiv Tewari, Consulting Editor,, based on a conversation with Anadi Sinha, Praveen &...

Ngo / Charity Update

This 17 year old has her own NGO

Image source: Muskaan Chhibber a 17 year old girl was running from pillar to post...

Kranti Changing Lives Of Sex Workers’ Daughters  

SOS App Launched By HelpAge India

HelpAge India, a non-profit organization has launched a mobile application SOS (Save our Seniors) to help the elderly population of the country.