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Her Family Made Her A Hero

With an empowering video, Vim highlights the importance of time liberation and freedom at home...

This police man Rakesh Kumar performs his duty without shoes

The man in the picture below is Rakesh Kumar. He is in Haryana Police and...

Yavatmal policemen donate Rs 7.5 lakh to suffering farmers in Maharashtra

Image source: Yavatmal police in Maharashtra have gone beyond the call of duty and played...


From Child Bride to India’s First Practising Woman Doctor

It was during 1980’s when Indian women didn’t have much right to speak neither for...

Give More to Get More: CSR Case Study

By Rajiv Tewari, Consulting Editor,, based on a conversation with Anadi Sinha, Praveen &...
village of Jharkhand

In a village of Jharkhand houses are named after daughters and mothers

In a village of Jharkhand to improve the sex ration and female literacy rate the houses are named after the female member of the house.


Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits

Listed below are the various benefits of green tea. Weight Loss :Green tea increases the metabolism....
nail biting

Nail biting and thumb sucking habits in children can encourage good health later

Nail biting and thumb sucking may help to protect against allergic reactions in adults, according to a New Zealand study.
Organising Walking Meetings

Organising Walking Meetings Boosts Health Of Office Workers

Organising Walking Meetings in office premises help keeping the health of employees in a good state.This would help in improving the health of the employees



Kerala to be declared open defecation-free state

Kerala will be declared as open defecation-free state on its formation day on November 1.A decision to this effect was taken at the state Cabinet meeting.

Do you know thermocol can be recycled?

Thermocol, seems to be everywhere today it is used for food packaging etc but we don't realise how adversely it is affecting our environment.
Noise pollution

Since 2015 Around 110 booked for noise pollution

Police have warned the residents of Kholapur saying that strict actions will be taken against those using high-decibel music systems and violating the norms


Rio Olympics

To help a three year old this heroic Olympian sells medal

Malachowski has auctioned his medal from the Rio Olympics to help fund the treatment of 3-year-old boy Olek Szymanski, who is suffering from retinoblastoma.

Give More to Get More: CSR Case Study

By Rajiv Tewari, Consulting Editor,, based on a conversation with Anadi Sinha, Praveen &...
Girl Child

To Celebrate Daughter’s Birthday Family Gives the Gift of Education to Another Girl

Sudheer and Hema Piddi celebrated the birthday of their 5 year old daughter in a...

Ngo / Charity Update

This 17 year old has her own NGO

Image source: Muskaan Chhibber a 17 year old girl was running from pillar to post...

Kranti Changing Lives Of Sex Workers’ Daughters  

SOS App Launched By HelpAge India

HelpAge India, a non-profit organization has launched a mobile application SOS (Save our Seniors) to help the elderly population of the country.